How To: Do Split Screen in Final Cut Pro

For anyone who is just starting out with Final Cut Pro, and still finding your way about, using YouTube for video tutorials is a great way to learn new tricks and methods of doing things in ways that make it simple and easy.

Take split screen effects for example. I’m currently producing an editing showreel, which means that I’m trying to amalgamate all the footage from various pieces of work I’ve created over the years by choosing the best bits and cutting them all together. I had a section at the start where I want to introduce myself and use a split screen effect in order to do so. Now, I hadn’t done this in a while and had totally forgotten how to do it. So what did I do? Well, I visited YouTube of course.

The video below is what I found, and it describes, in easy to follow steps, what you need to do to make this effect work with the footage you have. Brilliant!

*Disclaimer: Full credit for this video goes to the creators at Film School In A Box

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