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Readership has a target market of 18-35 year old travellers of all types, including backpackers, gap year travellers, solo female travellers, and travel bloggers. Travelers who want to explore new cultures, have new experiences and an active engagement with the countries that they choose to visit. Although our readership is worldwide, our main markets are from the UK, Australia and the USA, and they come to this site in search of advice, reviews and engaging stories about backpacker life.

Readership is also gained through freelance writing for travel publications, guest posting on other travel sites, as well as having a constant and active engagement across our social media channels.

Stats (current as of October 2018)

Featured On has been featured on a number of online and print travel publications, including:

  • MyDestination
  • Hostelzoo
  • CCUSA Australia
  • Gap Daemon
  • Outbounding
  • Native Foreigner Magazine

Partnerships has worked with a variety of travel companies and product creators, helping to promote products, websites and experiences that are of interest to our readers, such as:

  • BUNAC – Summer Camp USA
  • Olloclip
  • Atop Watches
  • Kogeto Dot
  • 3 Adventures
  • WeBBem Watches
  • CCUSA Australia/UK
  • Transferwise
  • Hello Nomad
  • School of the World


Interested in working with me? offers a selection of different opportunities that will benefit both this site and any partners that wish to come on board. We are able to act as brand ambassadors for your products and/or services, promoting your company through reviews and social media posts, as well as the option of creating original content for your magazines, blogs and social media.

If you’d like to work with me and want more information, or to request pricing options, please use the contact form below. 

*Please note: Roo Around The World only works in partnership with individuals and companies wishing to promote or discuss products and campaigns related to travel, photography, videography, technology and board sports, as these are our main genres, and the focus of our readers.



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