A Poem Or Two

Lonesome Traveller

Lonesome traveller,
Watch the fields whipping by,
Block out reality.
Look around at the bareness
That surrounds you.

Feet up,
Plugged in
To the soundtrack of the time.
Float along little girl,
Find your way.
But don’t look too close
Or you’ll miss the most
Important signs.

There are people here,
Who just like you,
Are searching for something more.
Lost but hopeful,
Trying to find meaning,
Looking for the point in it all.

Don’t be afraid,
You’ll get there in the end.
One day it will all make sense.
But for now,
Don’t try so hard
Little girl,
You’re going to be okay.


Quiet Me Down

This city has fallen silent
Shrouded in a blissful apathy
To cover up our own lost souls,
To bury our truths away.

But when it comes down to it,
Really we’re all just the same.

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