A Few More Poems For Your Pleasure

Breaking Out

Let me escape,
Let me see
What else is around.
I need to be free,
You’re holding me back,
Keeping me locked up in
The grey matter
Of this life.
Come with me,
Or don’t
I’m off to explore.
You’d make it better,
But I don’t need
Your permission.
How can you not
Be curious?
There’s so much out there,
So many different people and
Exciting ways of living.
So don’t stay in your bubble,
Tackle your fears
Head on
Do the things that scare you,
You’ll learn more than
You can ever imagine.
Blanket Me
Blanket me,
Wintry and cold,
Brilliant white.
Your perfect stillness,
Quiet, calm, nothing, nowhere.
Within you I am safe,
I can lay here, wings at my sides,
Frozen but smiling,
While you hold me tight.
You cover me,
Touching my face, my hands.
I stick out my tongue,
As you fall on me.

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