One More

Baby T

Call my name and I’m there,
I hear laughter and see arms held wide,
Hug, you say.

You stomp around,
Apple boots splashing in brown muddy water,
Running with glee as I chase you.

You trust me absolutely,
I take this and treasure it,
Never letting go.

New game inventions,
Off to the moon with pans on our heads,
Banging the drum in time with me.

Grinning and clapping,
With golden dipped hair,
You dance.

Tell you a story and sing to you,
Those blue eyes you gaze at me with,
How do I live up to that?

Tell me please,
Little lion roar.

One thought on “One More

  1. This is soooo lovely as just shows how much you enjoying playing with your family :). I also like the other one you posted up. Aww your a good blogger ru 🙂

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