Monthly Spending Summary: April ’15

This month I feel like I’ve been backwards and forwards and all over the place a little bit. I started the month down in Cornwall, celebrating my little sister’s 19th birthday (god that makes me feel old!) and visiting my old university stomping grounds, then was back in London, then up to Norfolk for a weekend, then back to London again. The usual. During the weeks in London I’ve just been working really, and then spending weekends with friends. Oh and I did have my visa appointments at the US Embassy so I can go and work at Summer camp again…yay!

Distance Travelled:

Cornall to London – 290 miles

London to Norwich (RTN) –  234 miles

Total = 524 miles

Countries: UK
Cities/Towns: London, Norwich, Port Navas, Falmouth, Camborne, St Ives
Transport Used: Car, Train, Tube.
Money Spent (in GBP): £475.90 over 30 days = £15.86 per day!

Ooopsie. That’s quite a lot for a month of not really doing a lot. I think that’s the most I’ve spent in one month since coming back to the UK in September! But I’ve had quite a lot of big expenses this month (see below), so I blame it on those unavoidable costs. That and my inability not to buy food when I’m out. This not spending money thing is really hard sometimes!

April Spending summary travel money budgeting saver appBreakdown of my spending :

Payments: £216.64
Wardrobe: £118
Food: £47.56
Groceries: £46.46
Personal: £12.99
Gifts: £12
Utilities: £10
General: £7.25
Transport: £5

Total: £475.90

Biggest Expense/Unforeseen Splurges: I had to pay for my US visa, a new driving licence and travel insurance this month so that’s definitely tipped me above my usual spending. Oh and I bought a new pair of glasses, which was massively overdue, seeing as I’ve been wearing the same pair for over 2 years now (damn you eyesight)! So all things that were sort of unavoidable really.


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