A Product Review: The KeySmart Key Organiser

Hailed as the ‘compact solution to your bulky keyring’, the KeySmart aims to make your life easier by organising all your keys into one little pen-knife style gadget. I first heard about KeySmart when a friend of mine showed me theirs, and I immediately thought that it was an awesome little product that could make my life around the world so much less jangly – so I sought them out and got one sent straight over to have a play with.

And it truly hasn’t disappointed. As someone who never carries a handbag wherever I am in the world, my keys are always just in a pocket somewhere, and I was forever getting sick of being jabbed in the leg by a key poking the wrong way. But now with the KeySmart, my keys are all contained neatly within the two casing sides and fit easily in any pocket.

KeySmart key organiser

There are 3 different models available, from the original KeySmart, which is smaller than a pack of gum; to the Extended version which has a slightly longer frame to accommodate for larger and foreign keys (this is the one I have and would recommend for anyone outside the USA); and finally the sophisticated Titanium edition for those of you that want a super smart finish. The KeySmart and KeySmart Extended are available in a multitude of colours and all the basic packages come with a loop ring for car keys or larger items and the ability to hold 2-4 keys. You can also buy expansion packs for each of the KeySmart models, so you can fit anywhere between 2 and 50 keys – excuse me, but why do you have 50 keys?!

When my KeySmart first arrived I was super excited and got all my keys out straight away to test it out. Now, I’m not going to lie, putting this thing together was incredibly fiddly and I found it VERY frustrating, but I think that was mainly because none of my keys are the same shape or size (damn European keys), so I had to sort of play around with it a few times until I could find the perfect configuration. I imagine that if your keys are all quite similar, then putting the KeySmart together would be quite simple process, but for me it took quite a while!

KeySmart key organiser

Eventually though, I managed to tighten those top screws at last (with a coin), and my keys were all safely help together, in quite an awkward arrangement, I must add, and with plenty of the little spaces to help, but it works perfectly…I just wish I had more ‘normal’ shaped keys! One of the best things about putting the KeySmart together yourself, is that you can decide which key goes where, according to which ones you use and in what order (if you actually care that much, which I do!). It’s also up to you as to how tight or loose you do up the screws, which will determine how easily your keys flip in and out.

The KeySmart is super easy to use too – just flip out the key that you need, put in in the lock and key presto… the ability to use one key without all the others getting in the way!

KeySmart key organiser

The little loop ring that comes with the KeySmart is a also total life saver, as I know that we all have those annoying massive keys, or the ones with rubber around them, or a little gadget for your house alarm, or even just your car keys, that absolutely wouldn’t fit in the KeySmart itself – it’s great to be able to add a few little accessories onto the outside too.

And just in case you didn’t have enough accessories, KeySmart can help you with that. On their website you can buy a whole myriad of different items to go along with your KeySmart product – from a little USB stick (which is great to hold all your important documents on when you’re traveling), to a bottle opener, to a pocket clip or quick release lanyard. You can even get extra front plates in different colours if you feel like changing it up sometimes. They’ve really thought of it all.

KeySmart key organiser

And, in my opinion, that applies to the product as a whole. KeySmart have thought of everything. They’ve created an incredible strong and durable item (each one is handmade in Chicago from aircraft aluminium and stainless steel) that organises your keys safely and securely in a fun and useful way. I love my KeySmart and can’t wait to keep adding to it – I think I’ll get the USB next.

If you’re interested in buying a KeySmart for yourself, keep in mind that they also offer free shipping on USA orders over $25 and international orders over $45. Oh and you can get 15% off today with code NOBULK15! So what are you waiting for?!

Want to know more? Check out this video:


*Disclaimer: I received a complimentary KeySmart, but please rest assured that, as always, all opinions expressed here are honest and my own.


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  1. Hi

    Is the one you have is yor very helpful blog like this one?-http://www.ebay.co.uk/ulk/itm/381308147445 ? (extended with expansion pack, hold 2-16 keys), because I have two mortise keys like you


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