Hostel Review: Banana Bungalows, Vang Vieng

As nice as our stay at Sisavang Guesthouse was, we’d heard about lots of places in Vang Vieng where you could stay in little cabanas on stilts, right on the river front. So on our second day there we went out in search of such a place. We came across quite a few different options, with varying quality and prices and eventually settled on Banana Bungalows, which sits just across the river, right in between two other bungalow residences, named Otherside and Cliff View. We chose Banana though because of the quality of the huts and the excellent price – only 60,000 Kip (about £4.50 between the three of us!) for the night. This included two single beds and an extra (very thin) mattress, as well as our own bathroom and little balcony.


The views from this place are absolutes stunning – in one direction is the river and the main town and in the other is the beautiful cliff-face of the surrounding mountains. When you wake up and step out onto your balcony it feels almost like a dream land…surely nowhere is really that gorgeous? There are hammocks everywhere, and even a small campfire with stools around it for a night-time chill out area. They also have a little cafe on the grounds as well as their own restaurant just across the river, where you get free coffee with your breakfast and a free bucket (of alcoholic beverage), just for staying there!


The location of Banana Bungalows couldn’t be better…it’s just across the river (albeit on a very rickety bridge) from all the bars and restaurants, and it sits right at the end of the tubing line, perfect for when you get it of the water and want to quickly change your clothes or grab something from your hut. The staff are also very friendly, and keen to make sure you really enjoy your stay wit them, and they also sell bus tickets and tours to various locations around Vang Vieng and further afield (although you can often find cheaper deals if you head into the middle of the town).

I absolutely loved staying at Banana Bungalows and really didn’t want to leave…so if you’re ever in the area, please check them out…you won’t regret it!


Dates stayed: 18 Nov 2011

My Rating:

Overall: 95%

Atmosphere: 90%
Cleanliness: 91%
Location: 100%
Staff: 98%
Safety: 93%
Value for Money: 96%

2 thoughts on “Hostel Review: Banana Bungalows, Vang Vieng

  1. Hi Rusja, your review of this hostel is really helpful! Does it get loud at night? We are sort of looking for a quiet place to relax and enjoy the scenery… and are hoping that the banana bungalow would be the place 🙂 Looking forward to your reply! Thanks!

    1. Not loud at all at night as its on the other side of the river from all the main bars and restaurants. It’s absolute heaven, there’s even a hammock to chill out in! Glad to help

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