I Really Want To Do This

I’ve been doing a bit more research for my round the world trip next year, and as I’m unsure of my friends’ exact plans, I’ve been looking at perhaps doing a group tour in South East Asia with Gap Adventures, just so I have something planned for definite, and won’t arrive completely alone.

There’s quite a few that look great, but I think the one that might suit me best is the Roam Cambodia tour, which starts in Bangkok and ends in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), lasting for 10 days and at a cost of only £499. It means that I can then either go off by myself afterwards or travel with people from the group…I figure after spending 10 days with people in the kind of close environment that backpacking creates, they’ll get to be pretty good friends, and we’ll all probably be heading in similar directions anyway.

So that’s the plan so far…I just need to pin my mates down and get a decision out of them!

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