(13)…And Action!

I’m finally getting somewhere with this action trailer, the final piece of work in my trailer collection (also the last bit of work I can do before I get the footage from Jade’s and Dave’s films, which they are yet to shoot), and so far, I’m really enjoying the process.

I completed the boring part of compiling and organising footage (using movie trailers downloaded from Youtube) this morning, and then this afternoon I’ve just been playing around, trying to piece bits together and work out what should go where, using the song I’ve chosen (Rooney’s ‘Not In My House) as a guide for not only where to cut, but also as a narrative, using the lyrics to create and move the story forward. This trailer is essentially a compilation of Action films, but I also wanted it to have another level to it, so I am making it more about superheroes and the idea of good versus evil, something that has been a massive phenomenon in films over the last decade.

It’s really interesting to see it all come together, as I work out what goes where and how all the pieces fit together. This is what I’ve done so far:

Action Trailer Progess (as of 01/03/11)

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