(14) Icaroo Logo

Yesterday, when I got bored of editing my action trailer, I decided to create an animated logo, or ‘sting’ as they’re often called, to go at the start of all my future projects, just to make it look a bit more professional, and so perhaps my name/logo will stick in your memory.

Using a design I came up with a number of years ago, under the title of ‘Icaroo’, I created two stings, with the same design, just different animations. The name Icaroo is inspired by Greek mythology, in which Icarus, the son of craftsman Daedalus, tries to escape from Crete using wings his father made from feathers and wax. Thinking he was invincible, he ignored warnings not to fly too close to the sun, and thus the wax holding his wings together melted, causing him to fall to his death.

With this, I have combined one of my nicknames, Roo, to form the word ‘Icaroo’ – it is about taking chances and living to the full, all the while heeding the warnings and instructions of those older and wiser.

Sting No. 1:

Sting No. 2:

I like them both, but think I prefer the first one, as although it is slightly more static, it is less distracting, and you can easily see the logo and the bird at the same time. Any comments of suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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