Final Video

It’s been a really intense week – ever since finding out about the STA top 10, I have been non-stop on the go, go, go! No uni work has been done, only manic STA planning, filming and editing. I wanted to do this thing to the absolute best of my ability, to have no regrets, to be able to say, win or lose, that I couldn’t possibly have done anything different, or anything more.

And now that my video is finally finished and uploaded, I feel that I can safely say I have succeeded in my aims. Even if I do say so myself, I’m really proud of what I’ve created in the short space of time we were given (even though the deadline has now been extended to Friday, but whatever!) and I think my video fully represents what Falmouth is all about.

I planned it all out on Thursday, started filming on Friday evening, spent the day interviewing locals on Saturday, filmed the beach bits on Sunday and finally finished it off on Monday night. Then editing began (one of the best bits, in my opinion…it’s like a puzzle – you just have to keep playing with it until you get what you want) and after two days it is now complete. All I can do is wait. Fingers crossed for the 12th of May! And if you haven’t already, please please please take a few seconds to vote by visiting!

One thought on “Final Video

  1. Your video turned out so well! I feel like I want to go to Falmouth too :DWhy don't you leave the url at 20sb for people to vote too? I voted and I'll add your voting url on FB so that my friends vote for you as well!Good luck!

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