Get Rid Of Me

Sorry I haven’t posted anything for a while…been super busy having fun in the sun and all that. Shot a TV Show about Ghost hunting, and I’m also currently in the process of making a music video for singer/songwriter Marco Spiezia (he’s awesome, go check him out!). So yeah, it’s all been go go go here.

Speaking of, I’m entering ANOTHER travel competition run by On The Go Tours aptly named Get Rid Of Me – it’s basically a contest to see who is most annoying and should be sent away around the world for 6 months (I know, amazing prize or what?!). Basically you ‘confess’ your sins in either written format or in a video and convince people to vote for you in any way possible, and while this competition is totally down to luck, as the winner is chosen at random from all the votes (i.e. the more votes you have , the bigger your chances of winning are), it has totally pulled me out of my post STA WTI blues and given me something to focus on again. So if you fancy it, give me a vote to GET RID OF ME!

This time though, I’m not pinning all my hopes and dreams on it – I making my own travel plans for this summer too…off to Italy, France and Greece for about a month…hopefully this will stave off my travel bug for a while, or at least until I graduate next summer and can disappear off into the wilderness.

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