I’m Baaaaack!

I’m well aware I’ve been pretty absent recently, apologies for that…life’s been pretty hectic. Oh, and my laptop broke and I’ve only just gotten it back…a month later!

So what’s been happening, I hear you cry?!

Well…where did I leave off? I was back in London after numerous holidays and fun travels and before long the monotony of being in one place was really starting to get to me. So fortunately I managed to get week’s work placement at Tiger Aspect (a TV & Film production company) in the editing department, which was amazing as I got to really experience how it all works in post production and I actually got to sit in my own edit suite and play around with a cut of the BBC programme ‘The Deep’, as well as working with a director to put together a rough cut of a pitch video for a new show.

Tiger Aspect Avid Edit Suite

It was so much fun working there, and I really hope to go back in my Christmas holidays…it really has just confirmed that editing is definitely what I want to do after Uni, and now I’m so excited to get stuck into my final projects and just work on my craft.

I would have love to do another week at Tiger, but I’d already made plans to go with a friend to Paris the following week to see Canadian band, Stars.  Time for another adventure…but more on this another time – out escapades deserve their own post I think!

For now, I’m back in Falmouth…term has started and I’m finding that 3rd year is freakin’ terrifying! On the plus side though, it’ll all be over soon and then I can disappear off round the world!

Oh, and I got a car. A Seat Arosa. He’s a beauty. Bucket List Number 49 – complete!

My lovely car…any name suggestions?

That’s all for now. Byeeeee

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