(3) Progress

I am making progress.

At least I hope so. I’ve made a start on two of my essays, the contextual one about the role of the editor, and the write-up of my work experience placements. They’re going pretty well – although at the moment they’re more in the planning stages than the actual writing phase. I want to sort exactly what I want to say in them, and get all my research down for the contextual essay before I actually write them up. But to be honest I don’t see them being too difficult.

I find writing quite easy really, and I know it’s just a matter of sitting down and doing it. The work experience write up in particular shouldn’t be too challenging, and I’m hoping to get it done before I go on holiday to Mauritius (!) next week. I just need to try to remember exactly what it was that I did and what I learned whilst I was on my placement (s). And as for the contextual essay, if I can get about half of it done before I leave for the sunshine I’ll be happy.

I’m still working on the trailer mashup, and it’s coming along nicely. Then I’ll begin work on the other parts of the showreel – my own work and a re-cut trailer. I haven’t decided which film yet tho…I’m thinking of doing a REALLY terrible film, and completely changing the look of it in the trailer, like doing it in a different style, or using secondary characters or something like that, to totally alter people’s perceptions of the film that was previously conceived to be absolute rubbish. Any suggestions?

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