Camp Sloane Here I Come!

I have officially finished my degree! I handed everything in on Monday so now I am free to enjoy my last few weeks in Falmouth before I head off to the USA to begin my job at Camp Sloane. And I am more excited than words can possibly explain.

I’ve been buying all sorts of things in preparation for my time at Camp, and it’s making me want to be there even more! But at the same time, I’ll be sad to leave Falmouth and everyone who’s made the last three years so special…you know who you are.

With that I look to the future, something that is becoming more and more exciting as the days go on. I had a chat with the Camp Director at Sloane  yesterday about a few ‘twists’ to my job – I will now not only be working in the office, but I’ll also be teaching media (getting the kids making some films), taking photos and making my own videos of camp. They really want to step up their media presence this year and I’ll be there to help them out, creating stuff that will really illustrate what camp is about. This is literally my dream job and I can’t believe I’ve been so fortunate that it’s just fallen into my lap!

It’s going to be an awesome summer.

One thought on “Camp Sloane Here I Come!

  1. Congratulations on graduating! I did a similar degree (it was a B/A in Film and Media Production) here in South Africa at the University of Cape Town. We were also required to edit together films – a 2 minute and a ten minute for our final project / thesis. Hats off to a fellow editor! 😉

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