Hotel Review: Bien Nho, Sea of Memory Resort, Mui Ne

When you get off the bus from Nha Trang, you will be, as per usual, inundated with offers from taxi drivers to take you to their hotel. Business cards will be thrust into your hand and you will be forced to make a choice…this hotel or that one…a choice made all the more difficult by the fact that said taxi drivers don’t give you a chance to think. But if one of those cards is for the Sea of Memory resort, then you don’t have a problem…decision made.

Set in the middle of the main street that runs straight through Mui Ne, on the ‘right’ (aka beach) side of town, the Bien Nho, Sea of Memory Resort is one of the most gorgeous and most adorable little places you could stay. The staff are really friendly, the rooms are pretty lush and the pool is even better.


The rooms vary from singles to whole suites, but all are well sized, spacious and with ensure bathrooms. We had a triple room, with one double bed and one single, and a very nice bathroom with a little balcony (perfect for hanging your wet bathing suit or towel on). The room also had cable tv, a fridge (although there wasn’t actually anything in in), and there is free WiFi throughout the resort. For our room we only paid $20…triples are usually $25, but we managed to haggle a bit as our taxi man had made a mistake and promised us it was $15, but it turned out that was for a double room, not a triple.

The best thing about this place however is the swimming pool. Set at the back of the resort, overlooking the beach, it’s a fantastic place to just relax, tan and swim, all the while having your drinks and meals brought to you while you lie in the sun (from the resort’s own restaurant…not 5* but definitely not bad)…heaven! The only negative thing was that were never enough sun loungers…the trick seems to be to get up and claim them super early!


The staff will also sort out various tours and activities for you, including the awesome jeep tour that takes you to the white and yellow sand dunes, amongst other places. The resort charges $25 for this trip, which also includes a free lunch and drink (something we weren’t aware of when we booked our trip for $22 from one of the guys on the street outside…sorry!), definitely worth the money.

This is a place that I would definitely stay at again…I loved it so much I didn’t really want to leave!

Dates stayed: 30 Nov – 2 Dec 2011

My Rating:

Overall: 96%

Atmosphere: 93%
Cleanliness: 98%
Location: 99%
Staff: 96%
Safety: 97%
Value for Money: 94%

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