A French Adventure

So I’m well aware I’ve been pretty absent these last few weeks since my last post about packing for a ski season. And the reason for this absence? Well, I have been pretty busy what with moving to France and all. I am finally in Les Arcs, and loving it! I got here exactly two weeks ago and since then I’ve just been settling in, organising various things such as a seasonnaire lift pass (still in process…I’ll let you know how it goes), chasing my newly bought snowboard around after it got delivered to the wrong place (finally found it and got it delivered yesterday afternoon…so excited to take it out on the snow later today), and getting used to the cold. Seriously…there have been some nights when it has been colder than I could imagine. I honestly thought my nose was going to fall off the other day it was so cold!

But anyway, that’s my life at the moment. It’s a nice work/play balance, and I’m über pumped to get out on the snow and (re)learn how to board after my first experience in Whistler about 5 years ago. So far so good. France, you get a big thumbs up!

Oh and to go completely off topic…my mate Greg over at Gallivantingreg.com has just announced his epic RTW plans for the next 4 months. I’m insanely impressed and ridiculously jealous! Have a read and follow him on his journey.

Enjoying the Snow!
Enjoying the Snow!

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