Packing For A Ski Season

If you read my recent post about what’s coming up next in my life you’ll know that on January 5th (i.e. tomorrow!) I will be boarding a train to Bourg St Maurice, the first leg of my journey to ski resort Les Arcs (in France), where I will be living and working for the next 4 months. A couple of my friends are already out there in our awesome little apartment and I’m über excited to join them for fun times in the snow. However, as most of you know, I’ve been living with a pretty much endless summer this past year so my wardrobe is not quite, how shall I put it, ready for winter?! I basically own shorts, vests, tshirts, a few pairs of jeans and about 4 jumpers. Not so cold weather appropriate. So I’ve been on a massive ebay shopping spree and grabbed myself some bargains for the upcoming months and I thought I’d share with you my ski season packing list…I have no idea how I’m going carry this lot all the way to France!

Too many clothes!
Too many clothes!

Snowboard Gear
Snowboard & Bindings (these are being delivered direct to France)
Burton Mint Snowboard Boots
Vans Eris Snowboarding Jacket
Snowboard Pants x2
K2 Clutch Helmet
Bloc Utopia Goggles
2x Gloves

2x Coats
OnePiece Onesie
4x Hoodies/Jumpers
4x Thin Sweaters/Cardigans
2x Shirts
7x T-shirts
5x Vest Tops
4 x Nice ‘Going Out’ Tops
3x Jeans
1x Sweatpants
2x Pyjamas
2x Leggings
2x Thermal Sets
2 weeks worth of underwear & socks

Vans Hi-tops
Leather Boots
Snow Boots

1 bag down, 1 to go!
1 bag down, 1 to go!

Media/Tech Stuff
MacBook Pro
iPod Touch (v. old and I don’t mind if it breaks while I’m snowboarding)
Portable Hard-drive
Large Hard-drive (for freelance editing work)
Olympus Tough Camera
Olloclip lens attachment (for iPhone)
All relevant Chargers
iPad Camera Connector
2x European Plug Adapter
Electric Toothbrush

Toiletries & Essentials
Shower Gel
Deodorant etc etc…this is pretty standard so I wont bore you with an endless list.
1x Glasses
2x Sunglasses
3 months worth of Contact Lenses
Notebook & Pens
French phrase book (thank you Grandma!)
Duvet Cover & Sheets
Hot Water Bottle

And I think that’s it! Hmm, I definitely used to be able to pack much lighter than this! I’m going with the excuse that fending off the cold is all about layers, so therefore you obviously need more clothes in winter than you do in summer, thus the many, many, many bags I will be taking with me. Oh joy.

4 thoughts on “Packing For A Ski Season

  1. Really useful list, thank you! The first one I found that told me how many salopettes/ jackets to take.
    Quick question! Do you need to wash your jackettes/ salopettes while away? If so how do you do this?

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