Current Plans: My Place In The World

So I’ve been home for exactly two months now (I know…seriously?!) and while it’s great to be back and see all my friends and spend time with my family, I’m still having a serious case of the post-travel blues. This, combined with the fact that I am yet to find a full time job, has led to many a day spent dreaming, planning and researching what else I could be doing instead of being stuck here in cold, grey, yucky England. I know that I am definitely off to America at the end of May to go back to work at Camp Sloane for the summer and then (as long as everything goes to plan) I will be jetting off to Oz for a year on a Working Holiday Visa. All very exciting.

But what about now? What about today (did you just sing Westlife in your head, cos I definitely did)? What am I doing until then? Well everything’s a bit up in the air at the moment and I have many ideas floating about. I am off to Ghana next weekend (!!!) for a trip with Comic Relief and I am absolutely buzzing for it…it’s going to be an experience so far removed from everything I have done before and I cannot wait. I’ve had all my jabs (ouchies), got my malaria pills at the ready and am raring to go. I will definitely be writing about this trip upon my return, so keep your eyes peeled for that. Then next up (just three weeks after my return from Ghana) I’ll be heading to Mauritius for Christmas on a family holiday. A holiday that will be spent playing in the pool, lying on the beach and attempting to regain my travelling tan. A holiday of luxury and not much else. Perfection.

So it looks like I’ll have about 6 months to kill before I head Stateside again and what will I be doing with those months I hear you cry? Well, the other day I made a decision. It’s not 100% certain because it ultimately depends on me finding a job but, as of January, I will (hopefully) be heading to France, or the resort of Les Arcs to be more precise, to spend the next 4 months working and playing in the snow-capped mountains with some friends from camp. Yes. I will soon be bombing it down a big snowy hill with a board strapped to my feet. And I cannot wait!

Les Arcs

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