A Product Review: The ATOP Timezone VWA Watch

The award winning Atop Timezone watch is every traveller’s time keeping dream. ‘What do you mean I don’t have to try and work out on my fingers how many hours such and such place is ahead or behind me? That’s amazing! This is going to change the way I travel!’ Well that was what went on in my head anyway when I first stumbled across this fabulous piece of arm-wear.

Let me explain.

So many colours!
So many colours!

The whole ethos of the Atop brand is to provide travellers with an easy and functional way or telling the time all around the world. So all the wearer has to do is rotate the bezel to point to whichever city they want to know the time of and BAM, the hour hand rotates around with the bezel, and hey presto that’s the time. No difficult mental maths, none of that ‘but are they ahead or behind?’…the watch does it all for you. All you need to know is whether the city you are looking up the time of is on daylight savings time or not. It’s like magic, and since using the watch I haven’t needed to look up the time around the world on any other device (*ahem* my iPhone).

My watch straight out of the box

The Atop VWA watch comes in a multitude of colours, ranging from white and black to purple, orange, green and blue. It’s great that they offer so many different options, and the colour combinations on the watch are so bright and simplistic. The watch really stands out and I’ve had so many random strangers come up and ask me about it…they are always amazed when I show them what it can do! With a large face made from plastic and light metal, and a strap made from a thick rubber, the VWA is not only extremely comfortable to wear but also very durable and robust – I wear my watch all day, every day and am pretty rough with it, so I’m impressed with the way this one stands up to my lifestyle and it feels as though it’s got a pretty good long life in it. The strap also has plenty of holes all the way along it to suit both very small and very large wrists, is a definite plus for me, as I have very small wrists and watches are usually always too big!

Wearing the watch in everyday life.

When you first take the watch out of the box it is already set up and ready to go, but there are very simple instructions that tell you all you need to know should you ever need to change the battery or reset it (they even provide a little plastic coin thingy to open up the back of the watch for this very purpose), but really no understanding is necessary as this is a product that can be described with three little words – It. Just. Works!

ATOP have won both the RedDot and iF Design awards in recent years, and rightly so, as this is a company who saw a way they could make a traveller’s life just that little bit easier, and made a product that not only looks cool, but does exactly what it says on the tin too. They describe the watch as being suitable for “frequent travellers, business people, […] students abroad and their families, people curious about world time [and] those who love to be trendy”,

How it works
How the watch works

Obviously for a review, I can’t be all one sided and I cant just tell you that the watch is amazing, magnificent, outstanding (it is) – I suppose I need to give you a rounded view of the product, so if I HAVE to, here are some things I don’t like about the watch, or rather things I think could be improved. Maybe it’s just me, but when I first got the watch I struggled to tell the time immediately, as there aren’t any big numbers around the edge of the watch face (i.e. the 12/3/6/9 markers we’re all used to), but you soon adapt to this and hey, maybe it’s good for my time telling skills to have to work a little bit harder! My only other negative about the watch is that it is described as ‘just a little waterproof’, and the wearer is advised to be careful with it around water. Now, I don’t know about you, but the number of times I’ve gotten into the shower or jumped in a swimming pool without remembering to take my watch off first is more than I can count, and I would absolutely hate to ruin this watch just because it’s not fully waterproof.

Aside from those two minor little niggles, the Atop VWA is an absolute beast of a watch (in a really, really good way), and I recommend it to any traveller, business person or time enthusiast! But if you need any more convincing, here’s a little video:

You can find Atop at any of the following online social spheres as well as on their website:





*Note: I received a complimentary Atop VWA watch but please rest assured that all opinions expressed here are honest and my own*

6 thoughts on “A Product Review: The ATOP Timezone VWA Watch

  1. Does the watch adjust for timezones that are off by 30 minutes? For instance India is UTC+05:30. If the watch only can adjust the hour hand then it will not work for many locations in the world where there is a half hour difference.

    1. hI Mike, as far as I can tell, in this situation you would have to open up the back and change the minute hand manually, but then you would just use it as normal

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