Photo Of The Week: Honeycomb At The Beach

Farm life, honeycomb valley, beach, friends
Photo credit goes to Rosa!

So this is my final photo of the week from Honeycomb Valley as we leave in just 2 days (sob!). It’s been a busy week, full of teaching the new WWOOFers everything they need to know about working here – the animals and their feeding schedule, everything to do with the shop, how to take guests on tours, where everything is and so on. There’s a lot for them to learn and lot of knowledge that we’ve gained that we want to pass on before we go, so it’s hard to try and cram it all in without leaving them feeling totally overwhelmed. Anyway, the other day we all had a day off together so we headed to Forster (about 30 mins drive away) for a morning wandering about the town and playing on the beach on a lush blue sky day. It was a wonderful way to spend a day and great to start to get to know our new friends outside of the farm. I cannot believe we’re leaving already though – it feels like just yesterday that we arrived!

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