Monthly Spending Summary: December ’13

The start of December included much of the same as November really, spending wise anyway. I worked on the blog, wrote a few guest articles for other sites, and partied hard for two friends’ birthdays. Then on the 22nd I headed off to Mauritius to spend the rest of the month (and year!) in paradise on an awesome family holiday. So my spending pretty much stopped mid way through December but I’m pretty sure I still spent more than intended due to birthdays and various US visa and CCUSA agency fees.

Now for the monthly spending breakdown…

Distance Travelled: Sydney to Taralga and back – 296 miles. Sydney to Mauritius (via Perth) – 5,718 miles. Total = 6,014 miles

Countries: Australia, Mauritius
Cities: Sydney, Flic En Flac
Transport Used: Car, Bus, Train, Skateboard, Plane
Money Spent (in GBP): £831.43 over 31 days = £26.82 per day (or £22.31 without the CCUSA and visa fees)

So, even though I wasn’t spending any money for the last 9 days of the month, I still managed to go over my (self set) monthly budget of $1200. I haven’t managed to stick to it yet since being in Australia and I’m not quite sure why…I think maybe I need to be more aware of spending money on eating and drinking out – that could cut it down majorly. But then again, that would make my life pretty dull if I could never go out for lunch or spend a night out with friends. Money is always going to be spent and earned and it’s just a matter of spending it wisely on things I really want to have or do.

December Spending
December Monthly Spending

Breakdown of my spending (in AU$):
Payments (rent, website, visas etc): $871.94
Food (eating/drinking out): $189.43
Wardrobe: $103.96
Vacation: $78
Utilities (phone/bills/laundry): $77.41
Groceries: $62.49
Amusement: $39
Personal (health, cosmetics etc): $37.39
Transport: $30.70
Misc (gifts etc): $28
Total: $1522.32

Biggest Expense/Unforeseen Splurges: Once again, rent is probably the biggest expense, but hey, I need a roof over my head, don’t I? I also bought a new bikini for my holiday, had to pay my electricity bill, and then there was my US visa fee and some unexpected extra fees for extending my CCUSA insurance.

And that rounds up my spending summary for the last month of 2013. Have you guys got any suggestions of ways I can keep my costs down?

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