Awesome Christmas Gift Ideas for Travellers

Around this time 2 years ago, I wrote a post about what to buy the ultimate traveller for Christmas. And I thought that, seeing as quite a lot of time has passed, and I’ve done a fair bit of travelling since then, it might be a good idea to update this list with the things I use now (or wish I used) while I’m travelling.

Obviously anything you buy for your travelling friend has to be able to fit in their backpack, so it can’t be too big or bulky, and mostly importantly, it has to be useful, otherwise your gifts just won’t make the packing cut!


1. World Travel Adapter

Now this might seem like a bit of a boring present to give someone, but trust me, it will come in handy. Especially if you get one that is a worldwide adapter, so it will work pretty much anywhere around the world – I’d personally recommend the Skross Travel Adapter as it’s the one I use myself and it has never let me down.

Buy Here


2. El Camino Bracelet

Okay, so this one won’t necessarily help a traveller – it’s not going to get them out of any sticky situations, but it is heaps cool (and it goes around your wrist so doesn’t take up any bag space). It’s an awesome bracelet that you can add different country, city and region ‘steps’ to, building your travel story as you go. For more about it, you can check out my review of the El Camino and see how brilliant it really is.

Buy Here

El Camino Travel bracelet
El Camino bracelet straight out of the bag!

3. Portable External Hard Drive

A hard drive is a great accessory for any traveller (I travel with about 3 different ones at all times!) – it allows them to keep back ups of all their important documents; it’s a place to store their (millions of ) travel photos; and you could even put some movies on there too for those long plane/train/bus journeys. I’d personally recommend the WD My Passport 1TB  – plenty of space for everything you could ever need.

Buy Here


4. Nomad Charger

There’s nothing worse than your phone or iPad dying right when you really need to use it, so when I found these guys and their awesome products a while ago I was immediately in love. Nomad make a few different styles of mini charger, but whichever one you choose, they are super tiny, super powerful and super portable.

Buy Here & Here


5. Go Pro Camera

I think this one is on every traveller’s (if not every person’s) wish list. I’ve personally never had a Go Pro (I know, I know), but I’ve got plenty of friends who have (so I’ve used them lots) and absolutely love them. While not on the cheap side, the newest model, the Go Pro Hero4 would be an amazing addition to any traveller’s backpack, allowing them to capture their travels both on land and underwater. Personally I’d go for the Hero4 Silver edition, as this one has a touch screen on the back, allowing you to see exactly what you’re shooting.

Buy Here


6. Packing Cubes

I discovered these right before my first RTW trip back in 2011, and now I don’t go anywhere without them. Packing cubes are an awesome way to organise your stuff before it goes into your bag in whatever way you like – a cube of tops, a cube of shorts, one for underwear, and one for all the general ‘stuff’ (in my case it’s electronics) you have. The great thing about packing cubes as well is that it makes it so easy to find stuff too – no more of that taking everything out of your bag to find the thing at the bottom and then having to stuff everything back in!

Buy Here


7. LifeProof Case

If, like me, you love your gadgets, you’re going to want to protect them. iPhones and the like can take a bit of a beating while travelling, so it’s great to find a case that can protect my electronics from dirt, water and anything else the world has to throw at them (including actually being thrown or dropped – the case is shock proof too!).

Buy Here


8. WeBBem Watch

This watch is something I discovered a few months ago and it’s barely left my wrist since. Waterproof and with a strap made from paracord, this little piece of gadgetry not only tells the time, but could help you out in plenty of sticky situations around the world. Check out my review of the watch for more details.

Buy Here

webbem watch time review product
WeBBem out of the box

9. Olaf Scooter

The Olaf Scooter is possibly one of the coolest travel products I’ve seen in quite a while. There are two different products – the Olaf Business, which is a scooter with a small suitcase on the front, and then Olaf Urban, which is a scooter/skateboard/longboard with a backpack on the front (you can use your own bag too). Being a travelling skater, for me this would be the perfect present and a great way to get around on my travels. What began as a kickstarter campaign, has now turned into a booming business, with products ready to ship in Jan/Feb (so okay your travelling friend may have to wait until after Christmas for their gift, but it will definitely be worth it).

Buy Here


10. Globe Fairy Lights

Okay so this one’s just for fun and probably isn’t the most practical thing to give a traveller – let’s face it, they’re not going to take fairy lights around the world. But these would make a great gift for anyone who loves to travel, and is planning a trip, but isn’t leaving just yet. Who knows, it might even give them some inspiration?!

Buy Here

So there you have it, my top 10 Christmas gift ideas for travellers! Now it’s time to get shopping..there’s only 21 days until Christmas!

*Disclaimer: Clicking on some of the ‘Buy Here’ links will earn me a small amout of commission, at no extra cost to you. This helps me to keep travelling and keep this site alive.

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