A Weekend At A Wintry Camp Sloane

If you’ve been keeping up with my Photo of the Week series, you’ll know that almost a month ago to the day I hopped on a plane and flew across the pond to America for the most incredible wintry long weekend at my second home, the place where I have spent the past 4 summers, Camp Sloane YMCA.

It was a whirlwind 5 days, full of friends, lots of snow, ski jumps, sledding, eating at all my favourite places, snowboarding, and exploring a place I have only previously known in summer. It was super incredible to see camp, a place I love so much, as this new and magical winter wonderland, snow covering every inch of ground, the lake entirely frozen over (we even walked all the way across it one afternoon!) and no signs of the life and craziness that occurs there very summer.

I wrote a full post about absolutely everything I got up to while I was in America over on my other blog Summer Camp Secrets, so if you fancy reading all about how awesome a real winter is (none of this grey and wet rubbish we get here in the UK), especially when it’s in a place that means so much to you, head on over to find out more!

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