Travel Envy

Wanderlust: very strong or irresistible impulse to travel.

As it comes to the end of term, and loads of my friends are preparing for their course field trips, while I’m stuck in the library, researching for an essay, I find myself with a massive case of travel envy…that’s right, the green-eyed travel monster is rearing it’s head and my feet are getting itchier by the second. One friend is off to Milan, one to New York and another to California! Just to add to this, my Film course doesn’t. go. anywhere. Not in the whole 3 year degree. Not one single trip. So…I figure I’m gonna have to do something about this. Campaign, raise money, really fight my travelling corner. Or just Go. On. My. Own.

There are so many excuses as to why one shouldn’t just up and leave and disappear off into the wilderness – no money, no time, too much work etc etc. But I have decided these won’t be mine anymore. Screw money, what else is a student loan for? There’s always time, you just have to find it. And work? Well, just do it on the plane/train/automobile! This year (whether it be this Easter holiday, or in the summer) I am going to go somewhere. Somewhere I’ve never been before. A place to adventure in. And I’ll come back with tales to tell to all those people who are making me jealous right now.

Serious case of wanderlust: solved.

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