Happy or Sad?

So it’s all over. Months of planning, filming, editing, blogging and generally stressing out have finally come to an end. And while I didn’t get the result I so badly hoped for, I did get one of the runner up positions, which in itself is something I should be really proud of. And I am, truly. I wonder what I’ve won?!

I’ve enjoyed the whole experience and feel as though I’ve made some really good friends through the competition. In fact I’m kind of sad it’s over. Maybe we should have some sort of STA WTI losers summer adventure or, like Paddy suggested, a WTI BBQ, something that’s probably a little easier to organise, and definitely kinder on the wallet!

So while the competition is finished, I feel like we all now belong to a little club, and that is something no one can take away from us! We will forever be the 2010 STA WTI Top 10 finalists.

Congrats to ALL of the top 10, we did brilliantly to get this far. And to the winners (whoever you are?), have an amazing time, and just remember that we are watching, so make it good! ๐Ÿ˜›

Over and Out. Peace x

3 thoughts on “Happy or Sad?

  1. BBQ – I'm all over that.Watching? Oh yes I will be.Little bit gutted? Of course.Excited for the future? Most definitely.Big love x

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