Planning + Costing

So in preparation for my upcoming RTW trip I’ve been going through all the brochures I got from STA (we went and had a chat with them last week about our plans), and even though I’m not going be leaving for another 10 months and nothing’s even booked yet, I’m so excited. I’m like a little kid on Christmas morning, working out where I want to go, what I want to do and how much it’s all going to cost. This is what I love, the planning stages, where I can make lists and crunch numbers. It just makes it that bit more real.

This is the plan so far:

SE Asia [6 weeks]
Starter Packs e.g. in Bangkok/Phuket/Hanoi etc: £100-£140 (3/4days)
Experiences e.g. Tuk Tuk tour/Temples tour etc: £20-£50
Full Moon Party: £46 (to get to Koh Phangan)
Stray Bus (in Laos): £219-£578 (depending on the route)
Accomm: £5-£50 per night (massive range, depends of where!)
Volunteer with kids in Phuket: £813 (13 days)

Where to go:
Thailand: Bangkok/Chiang Mai/Koh Samui/Chaweng Beach/Koh Phangan (FMP)/Phuket/Patong Beach/Koh Tao (diving)/Koh Phi Phi/Koh Lanta
Vietnam: Hanoi/Halong Bay/Hue/De Nang/Hoi An/Na Trang/Ho Chi Minh City
Laos: Vang Vieng/Vientiane/Pakse/Don Det
Cambodia: Phnom Penh/Siem Reap/Angor Wat
Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur/Borneo

Australia [10 weeks]
Campervan Hire: Fr £20 per day
Whitsundays/Fraser Island combo (inc tour/4WD/sailing): £449 (7 days)
Surfing: Bondi Beach: £50 (2 hrs)/Byron Bay: £46 (half day) or £139 (4 day tour)/Wkend surf escape: £184 (3 days)
Accomm: £15-£20 per night

Where to go:
Melbourne-Sydney-Byron Bay-Gold Coast-Brisbane-Sunshine Coast-Fraser Island-Whitsundays-Airlie Beach-Hamilton Island-Great Barrier Reef-Cairns

New Zealand [4 weeks]
Kiwi Experience Bus [Sheepdog circuit: Auckland – Christchurch]: £394
Queenstown Skydive [NZONE]: Fr £129
AJ Hackett Bungy: Fr £21
Milford Sound Cruise: £131 (2 days)
Walkabout Pass (for extra flights): Can’t remember how much she said?
Accomm: £15-£20 per night

Where to go:
Kiwi Exp Bus Route:
Auckland-Mercury Bay-Rotorua-Waitomo-Taupo-River Valley-Wellington-Nelson-Westport-Lake Mahinapua-Franz Josef-Fox Glacier-Wanaka-Milford Sound-Queenstown-Christchurch

Fiji [2 weeks]
Welcome Package: £23 (1 night)
Feejee Experience Bus: Hula Hoop £217/Lei Low (Beachcomber Island) £321/Mangos & Mantarays £392
The Bula Pass (Island Hopping): £181 (7 days)/£217 (14 days)
The Bula Combo Pass (Island Hopping inc accomm): £333 (7 days)/£546 (14 days)
Scuba Diving: Fr £43
Day Trips/Sailing: Fr £28
Accomm: £10-£20

Where to go:
Feejee Exp Bus Route:
Hula Hoop: Nadi-Mango Bay- Pacific Harbour-Suva- Volivoli Beach-Nadi
Lei Low: same as Hula Hoop plus Beachcomber Island
Mangos & Mantarays: same as Hula Hoop plus Mantaray Island

OR get NZ & Fiji Bus Pass combined: Fr £697 (roughly…altho that’s more expensive that just buying them separately! Maybe my currency conversion is wrong?)

Total Time = 22 weeks/5.5 months

If we have any money left by the end, we’ll venture over to the USA (we have to go there to fly home anyway) and do a bit of a road trip. I’d love to drive from Los Angeles all the way to New York, visiting places like Dallas, Memphis and Chicago along the way. But we’ll see. I’ll hopefully be going to America in June anyway to work at a Summer Camp so I could always start the adventure off there.

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