Itchy Feet

Oh man I’m craving some travel escapades right now, I mean seriously, I can’t sit still and I’m this close to packing a bag, grabbing my sleeping bag, tent and of course passport (for those just-in-case, you-never-know-what-could-happen moments) and jumping into my car for an impromptu road trip. That would be epic.

But sadly this is an impossibility at the moment. As much as I would love to just sack off Uni, say ‘screw it’ and venture off out into the unknown, I would be an absolute idiot to do so. I have mountains of work to do and deadlines to meet…I’ve worked so hard to get here, I’d be really disappointed in myself if I gave up and just packed it all in now, with only 4 months to go until I’m done with all the expectations, done with Uni and Falmouth forever, and done with England, at least for a little while.

I just can’t wait to be free to do what I want, to travel, to go on adventures, to get out there in the big wide world. It can’t come soon enough.

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