Photo of The Week: Samos

Pythagorio Harbour

In the summer I went to the Greek island of Samos, and stayed in the beautiful town of Pythagorio, right on the waterfront. By day this place is quiet and relaxed, but by night it comes alive, with endless bars along the harbour all packed to the brim with locals and holiday makers.

2 thoughts on “Photo of The Week: Samos

  1. Samos is indeed a great place and Pythagorio is also my favorite. The other town on the north coast (Kokkari) is equally nice, though and it makes a good two week holiday to spend one week in each.

    We found that Pythagorio has the better restaurants and (in a funny way) is less touristic than Kokkari. If you are into beaches and too lazy to get a car, Pythaogrio is not the place for you. If you like to stay next plenty of entertainment options, it does hardly get any better on the island. Taverna recommendation: Esperides and Maritsa 😉

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