The Release of the iPad 2

I’m a huge gadget geek, and a self-confessed Apple lover, so I’m extremely excited about the upcoming release of the iPad 2, even though there’s no concrete news as of yet about what it’s going to look like, or what it’s going to do. But of course the rumour mills have started, and it looks like there’s will be an announcement made by Apple within the next month.

Here’s a few things that I’d love the new iPad to have (and my reasons for not buying the 1st generation model):

1. A Camera (or two) and Facetime compatibility

2. Bigger capacity

3. A USB port

4. iMovie editing software

They’re pretty simple requests, and they mostly relate to my travelling plans. I really don’t want to take my MacBook Pro around the world with me (see my post on travelling with technology), and so I think an iPad is really the next best thing. I can edit my movies on it, use it to store films and photos (either via USB or with a camera connector kit) so I don’t have to take endless memory cards, download travel guides onto it (saving space in my backpack), and most importantly keep in contact with my friends and family back home, through email and of course Facetime!

So hurry up Apple…we’re all waiting!

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