(15)…And Cut

In terms of the progress I’ve made with this project, last week was a definite turning point. Yesterday I completed (what I hope to be) the final cut of my action trailer and this is one piece of work that I am actually really proud of. I’ve shown it to a few people who I trust to tell me the truth and they’ve all really liked it, saying that it makes them want to watch all the films in it, and that they’re impressed with the way it fits together with the music to make a cohesive narrative, which is great because that was pretty much what I’ve been aiming for.

The only issues I’ve been having are when I go to export out of FCP to create an actual movie file (i.e. to put on a DVD for hand-in or to upload to Youtube/Vimeo. The action trailer appears to be working ok, apart from a few little glitches here and there, but the trailer mashup (‘Ocean’s Breakfast Club’) is giving me all sorts of grief. I’ve tried everything…every different setting there is, and each time it comes out slightly dis-proportioned, so their heads are all stretched. I guess it’s not so much that you’d really notice if you didnt know any different…but it’s really aggravating me! Hopefully I’ll be able to get it sorted by May.

So with the action trailer now done, that’s all my own pieces of work complete – including my contextual essay, work placement write-up, my showreel (well, with a few clips pending) and the trailer mashup. Now it’s onto the biggies – Dave’s music video narrative and Jade’s documentary.

We had the first day of shooting for Jade’s doc today (which for now we’re calling ‘Treasure’), which is all about the items that people carry around with them, and the meaning attached to such items. It actually went really well…I think everyone was pleasantly surprised with how many people we managed to talk to and how willing they were to talk about their possessions. We got a great mix of people, and there were some hilarious moments caught on camera…I won’t ruin it all now, but let’s just say there was one very strange man who was out to shock!

So all in all, it’s been a pretty positive week…and now it’s back to the dissertation for a while.

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