(17) Dissertation Takes Over

Since finishing off the Action Trailer I’ve been mostly focusing on getting my Dissertation done and dusted, seeing as it’s due in next week! I’m pretty much finished with it I think, just a few bits to polish off here and there and then just little organisation things like getting the title and contents pages right etc etc…And then it’s being printed and bound next Wednesday! Eeeek! I can’t wait to have it all finished and handed in, leaving me free to just edit, edit, edit.

We’ve finished filming Jade’s documentary now, so I have all the footage together and will make a start on the edit as soon as the diss hand-in is out of the way. I’ve got a few ideas of where to start and how I (along with Jade, obviously) want it to work, but for now, I’ll leave you with one of our sources of inspiration, the PostSecret video ‘Fifty People, One Question’:

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