Cuba Cuba!

Cuba is a country like no other (that I’ve ever visited). The buildings are both grandiosely beautiful and totally derelict at the same time and the (rarely marked) roads are filled with not only buses and (old 1950s) cars but also three wheeled and bicycle powered taxis as well as the odd horse and carriage or two.

A row of the old 1950s cars ever present on the streets of Havana

Havana, Cuba’s capital city, was my most recent travel destination, and it definitely didn’t disappoint. From day one, when we jumped on board a carriage pulled along by a horse, and were given a fantastic tour of Havana Vieja (the old town), I was hooked. The week continued to be just as spectacular, with almost daily trips into Old Havana from our hotel, The Nationale, to see more of its main attractions, and a few days spent lying on one of the most gorgeous beaches I’ve ever laid eyes on.

Santa Maria Beach

Some of the other main attractions that we visited, as instructed by various friends and guidebooks, included Ernest Hemingway’s house, the Museum of the Revolution and the Partagás Factory, where we went on a tour and saw the different stages of how cigars are made.

The food in Cuba is also worth mentioning as, while sometimes limited in choice, what is available can only be described as delicious. Over the course of the week we ate at a few of the local Paladares, which are essentially restaurants in people houses and apartments. Our favourites were La Fontana, an outdoor setting with live music and an open grill, La Guarida (which we graced with our presence on more than one occasion), situated in a stunning grand old building, and finally a smaller place called Vistamar, which sits right on the sea front, and I really recommend visiting at at sunset (see the photo below)

All in all it was a very successful trip, with a little bit for everyone. So whether you’re an explorer and culture seeker, or someone who likes to relax by the pool or on a beach, Havana is definitely the place for you.

Sunset view from Vistamar restaurant

To see more photos from my trip to Cuba, visit my Flickr page, or to learn more about my favourite aspects of the trip, see my post about the Top 10 Things To Do In Cuba.

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