Only 14 Hours To Go…

…Until I leave Falmouth, the place I have called my home for the last 3 years, for good.

This is it. My bags are packed. My room is empty (apart from the stuff I’ll be loading into my car and taking back to London with me), and this time tomorrow I’ll be gone gone gone.

And it is sad. I haven’t even left yet and I’m already missing everyone, these people who are like my family. It’s weird to think I wont see any of them until at least September, (when I come back to Fal for graduation) and others for much longer. 😦

My Last Day In Falmouth: The Best Friends A Girl Could Ask For

But what comes next is exciting, and I’m so happy that everything seems to be falling into place for me 🙂

So it’s going to be a hectic week. London then Norfolk tomorrow. Back to London on Wednesday. Then Heathrow Airport v. early Friday morning. Then NYC and Camp Sloane!!!!!!

Bring on the summer.

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