Summer Camp. Day 1. Arrival Day.

So, I have arrived in NYC and I’m so sleepy I can barely even think, so this one’s just gonna be a quick list type update of the things I did today:

– Drove to Paddington Station.
– Got a train to Heathrow.
– Met some people going to the same camp.
– Checked in.
– Hung around the airport.
– Got on the plane.
– Flew in the sky for approx 7 hours.
– Arrived at JFK Airport.
– Went through Immigration & Customs.
– Met the BUNAC rep.
– Got on a coach.
– Drove to the HI NY Hostel (on the corner of Amsterdam & 103rd St).
– Got assigned my room/bed.
– Got the subway to Times Square.
– Got soaked in the rain.
– Ate some food.
– Walked around Times Square and Broadway.
– Got even more soaked when a Taxi drove through a puddle, splashing us.
– Walked up 5th Avenue to the Apple Store/Central Park.
– Got a bit lost looking for the subway to take us back to the hostel.
– Found the subway.
– Didn’t have the correct change for our subway tickets.
– Found the correct change.
– Made it back to the hostel in once piece.
– Showered.
– Internet.
– Bed.

Night all x

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