Getting Into Camp Life

I haven’t had access to the internet for a few days, but I’ve been keeping a log of what I’ve been up to, so here goes:

Day 2 (in America…Day 1 at Camp)

After a night of not great sleep (I don’t know whether this was to do with the heat, the jetlag, or just the fact that I was finally, actually in New York), we all woke up really early and went downstairs to the hostel lobby to use the internet (I know…addicts!) and claim our free breakfast, before having our BUNAC orientation. The orientation didn’t really tell us anything that we didn’t already know, but it was nice to be able to have a chat and ask any questions before all going our separate ways and heading off to our camps. Well, I say that, but there were 6 of us travelling to Camp Sloane (the same people I’d met the day before on the flight and had hung around NYC with) – me, Rosa, Tasha & Chay  (who are all going to be counsellors of some sort), Mark (maintenance) and Ion (who will be working in the office with me).

So we began the long trek from the hostel to camp, first making our way to Grand Central Station, then onwards to Wassaic, the nearest train station to camp, where we got picked up and driven to our new home for the next few months, Camp Sloane.

My home for the next few months

After a few hellos and paperwork formalities we were shown where we will be sleeping, with Rosa, Tasha and Chay all sleeping in big canvas tents, and Ion, Mark and I in cabins (with proper beds and bathrooms!) I’m sharing my cabin with OJ (Jordan), a girl who I’ll be working in the office with, and it’s such a cute little place. We each have our own rooms, and share a little bathroom…so nice to have my own space and be able to really unpack and get settled in straight away.

Supper was next on the agenda – full of chatter and introductions (we seem to be some of the last people to arrive) – and then we played some crazy games (team building stuff) and now it’s time for a campfire and more getting-to-know-you stuff.

First Night's Campfire

Day 3 (at Camp):

Today’s been pretty similar to yesterday…just general staff training and team building games, (including some stuff on the low ropes course, which was awesome). Then lunch and a swim test (to see our level of swimming in case we need to save a drowning child), which honestly nearly killed me…I don’t think I’d realised how unfit I am!

This evening is the opening campfire, and all the staff are putting on little skits – to the theme of ‘the first day of camp on Mars’. We’re currently trying to decide on what to do for our own office skit…videos to come!

So a pretty good start to the summer, I’d say.

2 thoughts on “Getting Into Camp Life

  1. Hello Darling

    Glad you arrived safely and wish you the happiest of times. I love your hut, lucky you having such a homely home from home. It reminds me of when I was in Israel (1980) on a Kibbutz with Caroline and Ozzy. Have lots of fun and send me a postcard.

    Love Candida

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