Camp Begins Tomorrow!

The kids arrive tomorrow afternoon, and I can’t wait for camp to really begin!

This last week I’ve just been settling in and getting to grips with my job (or jobs!)….I’m in the office for part of the day, teaching media (film, photo & radio) 3 hours a day, and spending the rest of my time taking photos and filming various things around camp (and then obviously editing the footage and uploading stuff to the website/youtube/facebook etc.

I’ve been having such an awesome time, made lots of friends, and I’m really starting to feel at home here. I’m really looking forward to the kids getting here tomorrow and getting into the swing of it all, working out a rhythm and daily routine.

So what else have I been up to, I hear you ask? Well it’s been staff training all week, so I’ve been writing lesson plans and sorting out the media/radio room (where I’ll be holding my classes) so that it’s in a usable state. There’s still quite a few things I need to get my hands on…like a working computer (preferably a mac) for the kids to edit on, and various bits and bobs to go along with some of the things I’ve got planned. But I’m confident I can get it all sorted by the time my first class comes along (well, maybe not the mac…for now, they can use my laptop). It’s so exciting!

The girls (and Gav)

Yesterday was a day off for the entire staff (starting at 5pm and ending today at 12:30 pm…usually we get a full 24 hours from 5:45pm until 5:45pm the following day, but as it’s staff training week and there’s so much to do, it was cut short), so we all went out into Torrington, the closest town, for food and a few drinks. It was nice to get out of the camp bubble for a while and chat about things other than camp…getting to know people under different circumstances is always a good thing!

Oh, and now it’s raining again. Like hardcore monsoon raining. I hope it lets up at some point this summer!

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