3 Weeks In…

Just a quick update on my life at camp, while I sit in the office all alone on inter-session day.

The first session (two weeks) of camp have come to an end, most of the kids have gone home and I’ve now been here for exactly 3 weeks (pretty much to the hour). It’s been a whirlwind of a time, throughout which I’ve been constantly busy, moving from place to place, taking photos, making videos (which I hope you’ve all watched!) and teaching my media and radio show classes.

It’s all going fantastically and I am honestly having the time of my life. I’ve made some really good friends already and I think these are bonds that we’ll all keep for life. There’s nothing quite like life here at camp, we’re together all the time, working to make this an amazing place for both staff and kids.

While I’m so excited for travelling after camp, at the moment, I really never want to leave this place!

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