Post-Camp Adventures

So camp is over. The last 67 days (yes I counted) have been some of the best, the hardest, the most fun, the most stressful, the most awesome days ever, and I was so sad to get on that bus and watch Sloane disappear into the distance. But before I tell you what I’m doing now, I’ll backtrack a bit to our last night (and morning) at the best camp in the world:

Once I’d dropped my sister off at the airport on Saturday, I returned to camp to find everyone sitting around the campfire down in Pio & Junior Boys section (where we would all be sleeping that night) – to my surprise they greeted me with applause, shouting ‘you got Best of the Best!’, which is an award given out to a few members of staff each year…something I never expected at all but was oh so pleased to receive. So thank you Sloane…it’s a massive honour and I’ll wear my B.O.B. shirt with pride. It was a great night, full of laughter and love and sadness and celebration – we made it…we got through the whole summer and we did it together!

The next morning, after an awesome (and my one and only) night’s sleep in a tent, we all got up bright and early to pack and say our goodbyes to those staying for Fall Camp or heading out elsewhere, before getting on the bus to the station, and the train to NYC.

Once we arrived at Grand Central, we had a few more goodbyes and then went off our separate ways, to different hostels and hotels, vowing to meet up later that night for one final celebration. So off I went with Tasha and Rochelle, to The Hilton Hotel, and to the most comfortable bed I think I’ve ever slept in (very kindly given to us by Ramon, who had got his dates mixed up and could no longer stay there)…so thank you Ramon!

Thumbs up for Ramon!

After an awesome day of shopping, eating, navigating the subway and running around in the rain with cardigans on our heads, just to find Cold Stone’s for ice cream, we finally met up with all the others from camp at a little Irish Bar on 50th and 2nd for a bit more celebrating and few more goodbye, before heading back to the hotel for a measly 4 hours sleep.

5am wake up calls aren’t my favourite thing, I have to say…but the tiredness soon wore off when it hit me that we were now actually, finally, onto the travelling part of this summer adventure. So 13 of us met at Port Authority Bus Terminal and, after some mild confusion about where we were supposed to go, we got onto our bus and settled in for the next 12 hours…Toronto-bound.

And now here I am, at the HI Toronto hostel, with some amazing friends and lots of good times ahead.

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