Top 10 Things To Do In Miami

After spending 5 days in Miami, or more specifically South Beach, I feel I’ve got a good idea of what it’s about and what all the attractions are. So in my humble opinion…here’s the top 10 things to do if you’re ever in Miami:

1. Lie on the beach ALL day. I mean it. Literally don’t move unless it’s to put on sunscreen, eat or drink.

2. Go shopping on Washington Avenue.

3. Hunt down Miami Ink and pose for a photo in front of it.

4. Be there on a Sunday and go the the beach party on Nikki Beach

5. Stay at the Miami Beach International Travelers Hostel…it’s party central – they get you in to all the best places for free or at little cost and give you plenty of drinks deals too.

6. Eat breakfast at one of the many restaurants along the beach front…but don’t make the mistake of ordering juice, like I did…that cost more than the food!

7. Spend hours in the sea, jumping the waves

8. Rent a jetski or a banana boat, or both.

9. Eat Dinner out at a nice restaurant at least once.

10. Get the SoBe (South Beach) local bus and get taken on a trip around, yes you guessed it, South Beach and its surrounding areas. And at only 25c per ride, it’s an absolute bargain!

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