Hostel Review: Miami Beach International Travelers Hostel

If you’re going to Miami South Beach to party (let’s face it, who isn’t?!), and you need somewhere to stay, then look no further than the Miami Beach International Travelers Hostel, 3 time winner of Hostelworld’s number 1 hostel of the year award. Situated only 2 blocks from the beach and central to the majority of the main shops, bars and clubs, I can see why it rates so highly with its young clientele.

Upon arrival you will be greeted by loud music, mood lighting and a general party atmosphere (whatever the time of day), something that will continues throughout your entire stay. The staff are friendly and helpful, and after check-in you will receive your key, linen and towel (for a $5 deposit – refunded when you return these items on your departure) and then it’s off to your room. There are quite a wide array of options regarding room size and types – male, female, mixed; 6-bed, 8-bed, 10-bed; private rooms; and even fully furnished apartments for larger groups. The beds are comfortable enough and all the rooms have lockers to keep your belonging safe in (for a $1 charge per day) as well as en-suite bathrooms (some are larger than others).

There is free wifi in the lobby, movie nights and a games room downstairs. The hostel also offers free breakfast, lunch and dinner – something almost unheard of in any other place I’ve stayed. And while some of these meals may not be to your taste, it’s all free so you can’t really complain, right?!

Personally it’s not somewhere I would stay again, as the constant party atmosphere just isn’t ‘me’ – I prefer somewhere more chilled out, with less pressure to ‘have-a-good-time-all-the-time’ (i.e. get drunk and stay drunk), but that’s not to say it’s not a fantastic hostel – so as I said before, if you’re there to have a good time, get into clubs for free with great drinks deals, then the Miami Beach International Travelers Hostel is the place for you!

Hostel Lobby

Dates stayed: 26 – 31 Aug 2011

My Rating:

Overall: 80%

Atmosphere: 87%
Cleanliness: 70%
Location: 92%
Staff: 88%
Safety: 65%
Value for Money: 79%

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