Top 5 Friday: City Underground Systems

On my travels I’ve had the opportunity to ride some of the greatest city underground systems in the world. They all have their pros and cons, but these are some of my personal favourites:

1. Washington DC Metro – the simplest, cleanest and nicest of the lot, this metro system has no confusions whatsoever (apart from maybe trying to figure out how much you’re  supposed to pay)…the lines are named after their colour, so simply pick a colour and jump on!

2. New York City Subway – spacious, air-conditioned and fast, the NYC subway is probably the most famous of them all. Sometimes it can get confusing trying to work out which colour, number or letter you’re supposed to be looking for, but once you have it figured out, there couldn’t be an easier way to get around.

3. Berlin Metro – clean and easy to understand, Berlin’s underground system is one of my favourites, getting you from A to B quickly and simply.

4. Paris Metro – there’s something magical and romantic about Paris…yes even its metro system – full of eccentrics and oddballs – the maps are easy to understand, the carriages are large and the ticketing system couldn’t be less complicated if it tried.

5. London Underground – last but by no means least, London’s is an underground system close to my heart. It being my hometown, I use these trains almost daily, and while it certainly has it’s flaws (too hot and too cramped, especially in the summer) it is, in my opinion, one of the most sophisticated systems in the world. With a map so easy to read even a toddler could understand it, standard ticket prices, and the use of the ever-popular Oyster card (a top-up plastic card a bit like NYC’s metro card, but better), I’ll remain loyal and pick this as my absolute favourite!

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