Begbie Tours…Last Stop – Washington, DC!

Even though I still have another 4 days to go before I fly home to the UK, Washington DC was to be the final stop on what we’ve all come know and love as ‘Begbie Tours’, before our group began to diminish as, one by one, people head home to reality, back to work and university.

We arrived in DC a day after most of our group and, as it was Stevo and Chay’s last day in America, we all went out to the Hard Rock Cafe for a delicious dinner of steaks and burgers as a final celebration of an awesome summer. Then it was back to the hostel (the wonderful HI Washington DC, review to come) for some chillaxing times in the movie room before saying our last goodbyes to Stevo and Chay (who headed out early the next morning).

White House

Our first full day in DC saw us venture out to all the monuments and memorials, including the White House, the Lincoln Memorial, the (sadly very empty) Reflecting Pool, the WWII Memorial, and the MLK Memorial (only opened 4 days previously), just to name a few. Then it was back to the hostel for a quick rest before heading out to the IMAX cinema (located in the Natural History Museum) to watch the new Harry Potter film in 3D, which was AWESOME!

Later that evening we all hung out in the hostel’s movie room, where we watched yet another film and totally freaked out a poor travelling Aussie girl by shouting ‘Sheeeeeeee’ at her when she told us her name (Shea)…it’s a camp thing. Sorry.

The next day it was time to hit all of DC’s best museums, and after a late start and a Starbucks breakfast, we went off in search of the Natural History and Air & Space Museums, which ok, it doesn’t sound like a lot, but we didn’t return to the hostel until about 4 hours later (and considering some of our group had never been to a single museum in the entire life (ahem, Shauna), I think that’s pretty good going!

Yeah Connecticut!

After (finally) doing laundry and generally just milling about, I headed off in search of the Georgetown Apple Store, with Tasha and Mark in tow. It was about a 45 minute walk but it was so so worth it…and I don’t just mean the Apple Store (and the fact that I bought my iPad 2 – yes I am using it to write this right now). Georgetown itself is such a nice place, I wish we’d spent more time there. There’s some great shops, awesome restaurants, an even nicer frozen yogurt place (yeah iceberry), and the atmosphere is generally just amazing. I definitely want to go back there someday.

So that was Washington DC. I had a blast. Next stop NYC!

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