Photo Of The Week: A Reunion With Old Friends

image courtesy of Thomas Beaumont
image courtesy of Thomas Beaumont

Yes, I know it’s Tuesday, and I’m already 2 days late for my usual Sunday photo of the week schedule, but seeing as it was a Bank Holiday weekend and I was, well, having too much fun, I figured this could wait until today!

Last week was a pretty chilled one, just the usual hanging out in London in the (unusual) sunshine. That was, until Friday came. Friday meant a long awaited train journey up to Crewe where I spent the Bank Holiday weekend hanging out with all my old friends from Uni, some of whom I haven’t seen for pretty much close to TWO YEARS! Mental. It was so great to see everyone and catch up on what they’re all doing now…some are starting new jobs, some are buying houses, and some are even getting married! Like I said, mental. We had such a great weekend, full of laughs, sunshine, fires, BBQs, walks, ice cream, beers and conversation, I was quite sad to leave and come home again, knowing that I won’t be seeing these people for quite some time, seeing as I’m leaving the UK indefinitely at the end of this month. But I know that these guys are my people and they’ll always be around for a catch up…sometime!

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