Hotel Review – Capri Lynbrook Hotel Inn

Okay so let’s start with the fact that this isn’t actually a hotel. It’s a motel, in the middle of nowhere. Then let’s move onto the fact that when we arrived, they’d given away our TWO reserved rooms (each with 2 double beds in – there were 5 of us). So yeah. Not a great first impression I have to say.

And it didn’t really get much better if I’m honest. We ended up with ONE room with a kingsize bed (at a reduced rate, obviously), as they were completely fully booked (um, hence the reason why we booked in advance in the first place!), and to be fair the room itself was fine – the bed was quite big, it was clean, the bathroom was ok (although when turning the shower on we thought we were going to pull the handle out of the wall), and there was a good television.

But the overall service wasn’t great – it felt a little like the staff were trying to blame us for their over-booking mistake; we should have got more money off the price of the room, the promised wifi didn’t work, probably as we were the furthest room away from the main office where I’m guessing the router was situated, and let’s face it, one bed between 5 people just isn’t going to cut it (even if it is kingsized). So I’m sorry Capri Lynbrook Hotel (ahem, motel) Inn, I won’t be gracing you with my presence again.

Inside our room at the Motel

Date stayed: 3 Sept 2011

My Rating:

Overall: 47%

Atmosphere: 30%
Cleanliness: 60%
Location: 45%
Staff: 58%
Safety: 50%
Value for Money: 40%

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