Top 10 Things To Do In Washington DC

I had the most amazing time in Washington DC – it’s a city that really does have everything to offer. Here’s a rundown of my top 10 suggestions of things to do if you’re ever in the country’s capital.

1. Ride the metro. It’s fast, clean and oh so simple.

2. Stay at the HI Washington DC. It’s cheap, comfortable, friendly and very close to all the main sights.

3. Go to Georgetown. Yes it’s a student area, but don’t let that stop you…there’s something for everyone.

4. Go see the White House and get that photo standing in front of it. Go on, you know you want to!

5. Walk the length of the Reflecting Pool, from the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial (hopefully you’ll have better luck than I did and they’ll have finished construction work on it and put the water back in!)

6. Visit the (brand new) Martin Luther King Memorial, it’s pretty impressive and is inscribed all the way around with quotes from the man himself.

7. Go see a movie at the IMAX cinema. There’s nothing quite like it.

8. Go to the Air and Space Museum and ride in the flight simulators…be prepared to go upside down!

9. Go to the Natural History Museum and see the giant squid and see what you look like as a neanderthal.

10. Walk around. Get your bearings. Get lost. Find yourself.

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