Last Days in the US of A – Providence

This is a very important post. Not only because it’s the last one that I’ll be writing while still in America, but also because it’s my 200th post! And that, my lovely blog reading friends, is a big deal…to me anyway. I want to take this moment to thank you all for reading what I write and all your lovely comments – it’s always good to know that people are actually enjoying the ramblings that come from my brain, it inspires me to keep writing.

Anyway, pleasantries over, now back to the last leg of my American Adventure…a few days spent with family in Providence, Rhode Island, just chilling before heading home.

We arrived after a 4 hour bus ride from NYC on Monday afternoon and as soon as we stepped off the bus, all the memories from my last visit came flooding back – it didn’t take me long to get my bearings and soon enough we were on the doorstep and settling in to our new home for the next few days. That evening we had a delicious dinner of grilled chicken and potatoes, and sat around the table laughing and joking with my cousins (who have all changed dramatically since the last time I saw them!). Then it was time for a quick board game before crashing into bed.

The next day after an early wake up call and a trip to a cute little cafe for breakfast, me and Tasha headed to the mall, probably a bad idea considering my bank balance, but I needed a dress for my graduation ceremony which takes place shortly after I get back to the UK. I found said dress, but I also managed to find a rather expensive sweater too, one that I just couldn’t resist, but luckily enough for me, abercrombie have a huge sale on at the moment, breaking the blow ever so slightly. Then it was back to the house to hang with the boys (my cousins) and just chill out until dinner, a movie and bed…relaxing times.

Our stay continued in this manner, with a trip to the bustling Thayer Street, full of students preparing for the new semester at either Brown or RISD (the two huge university campuses that are located in Providence), and more time spent just hanging out, sorting all the rubbish I’ve accumulated in the last three months, and repacking my bag, something I’ve gotten quite good at this summer. And so this morning, we boarded the Megabus and headed back to New York City, for the very last time this summer. Home is calling.

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