Graduation…The End Of An Era

After my exciting and adventurous summer, it was very strange and surreal to be back in Falmouth yesterday for my graduation. And what a graduation it was…with us all dressed up in our robes and those ridiculous caps, I felt like we should have been holding wands in the middle of Hogwarts! But on a serious note, the ceremony was great, no one fell over (phew!), everyone was all smiles, and we were given a very inspiring speech at the end…it almost made me want to go out and get a real job. Okay, I said almost!

Seeing all my friends and coursemates again after the three months away (even though it feels like forever ago that I drove away from Falmouth) showed me just how much everything, including me, has changed since then. It was so nice to be back and to formally celebrate the end of uni (and of course us actually passing our degrees), and even though it really did mark the end of a great three years, I didn’t feel any sadness about it at all…I’m just excited for what comes next!

The Graduate

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