Road-Tripping to Sydney

So last time I left you, we’d just had a lovely Christmas in Melbourne and an awesome few days after that, seeing what the city had to offer. We even drove the Great Ocean Road…in ONE day!

We woke pretty early on our last morning in Melbourne and by about 9am we were on our way to Sydney. We’d planned to take it quite leisurely and so were stopping about halfway in a little place called Eden. On the way to Eden though, we also made a few stops here and there, one for lunch in a random town somewhere and one at the beach at Lake’s Entrance…and awesome beach town, full of holidaying people from all over the world.


After a pretty long day of driving we finally made it to Eden and found our hostel, a nice little place full of backpackers all on their way to Sydney to New Year’s. After a quick look around (and a few frantic phone calls to FedEx…but that’s another story), it was time for a delicious dinner of chicken caesar salad and jacket potatoes before hitting the sack for an early night.

The next morning we said goodbye to Eden and drove pretty much the entire way to Sydney non-stop, as we had to get there in time to give the hire car back. It was pretty long, but we had music and each other to keep us entertained…Vicky making sandwiches using her pillow as a plate is a sight I’ll never forget!


We finally made it to Sydney at about 4pm and checked into our hostel, the awesome Wake Up. And this is where we are, and where we’ve been for the last few days…Sydney update coming soon!

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